Lionfish Fin Earrings

Lionfish Fin Earrings


I make these earrings using the beautiful fins from Cayman’s invasive Lionfish. They are fully covered and sealed with a jeweler’s grade resin. Wear them to do your part to raise awareness of the dangers of introduced species!

Pendants are a metal alloy free of nickel, lead and cadmium. Hooks are either 0.925 sterling silver, brass or surgical stainless steel. *Please note that fin patterns vary significantly. If you would like to request a particular pattern or if the earrings you chose have brass hooks and you’d like to change them out to sterling silver (no additional charge), please contact vendor (before delivery driver picks up your order) at or 525-1812

Lionfish Earrings

Angel, Angel Wings, Black Mod, Brass Filigree with Blue Beads, Brass Fish Skeleton, Brass Leaf, Brass Mod, Brass Sea Star (Starfish), Butterfly Heart, Celtic Knot, Circle in Teardrop, Classic Brass Oval, Classic Silver Oval, Classic Teardrop, Clip Ons, Disc and Dog Paw Print, Disc and Fish Skeleton, Disc and Scallop/Sea Star, Gecko, Hamsa Hands, Inverted Brass Heart with 5 Spines, Large Brass Turtle, Large Silver, Free form Turtle, Leopard, Loops & Circles, Mermaid, Native American, Round Brass Chandelier with 5 Spines, Round Filigree, Scallop & Sea Star, Silver Chandelier with 5 Spines, Silver Fish Skeleton, Silver Free form Turtle with One Spine, Silver Leaf, Silver Mod, Small Brass Fish Skeleton with 1 Spine, Small Silver Fish Skeleton with 1 Spine, Small Silver Heart, Small Silver Turtle, Small Teardrop, Stingray, Studs, Teardrop Filigree

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